8 Fabulously Fragrant Flowers for a Great Smelling Garden

Lily of the Valley

Delicate and sweet-scented, these white blossoms add an enticing fragrance to any arrangement; plant in early spring in partial shade, but beware, they are toxic to animals and people.


With a heady scent preceding its gorgeous pink, purple, or blue blooms, hyacinths require planting in well-drained, fertile soil in the fall for a springtime reward.


Endless varieties offer sweet scents; choose from classics to modern hybrids like English roses or hybrid tea roses, ensuring firm stems and snug petals when purchasing.


Known for its stress-reducing properties, lavender's soothing scent enhances any bouquet; potted lavender thrives in sunny spots indoors.


With a rich perfume that intensifies at night, gardenias flourish in warm regions with moist soil and humidity.


Light and sweet-smelling, freesia blooms in vibrant shades and thrives in Zones 9 and warmer when planted in the fall or spring.


Night-blooming jasmine releases its sweet scent after dark, thriving indoors with bright, indirect light or outdoors on trellises or pergolas.


With varieties suited to various climates, magnolia trees offer a sweet aroma and fabulous cut flowers that last up to 2 weeks.