9 Prohibited Items That TSA Could Flag In Your Checked Luggage

TSA Scrutiny:

Large quantities of powders in checked luggage are scrutinized due to their suspicious appearance on X-ray machines.

Electronic Devices:

Larger electronic devices should be placed in carry-on luggage to prevent additional scrutiny and potential damage during inspection.


Spare lithium batteries should be carried in carry-on luggage to manage potential fire hazards and ensure a smoother security process.

Dense Food Items:

Dense food items can sometimes resemble threats on X-ray machines, so it's advisable to carry them in carry-on luggage and inform TSA agents.


Tools longer than 7 inches may not be allowed in checked luggage without proper packaging; shorter tools are permitted in carry-on bags.

Firearms and Ammunition:

Firearms and ammunition can be transported in checked luggage but must be declared and packed according to regulations.

Aerosols and Gels:

Large quantities of aerosols or gels may be flagged, so ensure they comply with TSA regulations and are properly packed.

Alcoholic Beverages:

Alcoholic beverages over 140 proof are not allowed in checked luggage; familiarize yourself with TSA regulations for transporting alcohol.

Flammable Items:

Flammable items like matches and lighters are restricted and not allowed in checked bags due to safety hazards.